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4 Questions about Social Care Farming

1. What is Social Care Farming?

When you summon your most hopeful imagination for the world, and your thoughts are drawn toward an agricultural setting where all people are welcome, where each person’s work is valued, where the land is honored, and where interaction with nature is playful and purposeful, a picture of Social Care Farming comes into focus. Social Care Farming is farming that brings together farmers, social service providers, and community members who use farming and farm-related activities to promote therapeutic intervention, employment, spiritual engagement, meaningful activity, and/or community connection for marginalized and vulnerable populations. Simply put, Social Care Farming is a world-changing movement that recognizes the healing power of land, labor, community, and purpose. 

2. Who Benefits from Social Care Farming?

We all do. Yes, Social Care Farming has the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations in mind. But when we consistently and creatively promote the economic, social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of others, no matter who they are, we create communities that are more beautiful, integrated, resilient, and sustainable. 

3. What is the Southeastern Social Care Farming Collective? 

We are a 501c3 organization committed to promoting the Social Care Farming movement in North Carolina and beyond. We host a bi-annual summit that features speakers and workshops that highlight the work of Social Care Farms around the country. At the Summit we engage in dialogue about how to use innovative agricultural enterprise to both improve quality of life outcomes for special populations and simultaneously provide a means for beginning and existing farmers to diversify their business models and develop alternative funding streams. The aim of the Summit is to create additional pathways for connection, and to share ideas and resources to further the vision of Social Care Farming.

4. When is the next Summit?

Great question! We've had two so far in 2017 and 2019, and plans are in the works for another. (You're sure to find out about it here!) On our agendas, we have a variety of speakers, breakout workshops, locally sourced lunches, cocktail/networking hours... It's been a super-helpful way for folks who are already running social care farms to connect and learn more, and for those who are considering social care farming to get excited and encouraged!

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