The Southeastern Social Care Farming Collective is a 501c3 organization that brings together farmers, social service providers, and community members who are interested in using farming and farm related activities to promote therapeutic intervention, employment, spiritual engagement, meaningful activity, and/or community connection for marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where everyone is welcomed into the daily economy of purposeful work and community.

Our Mission

The Southeastern Social Care Farming Collective is determined to...

  • initiate a movement of social care farming in the United States.

  • promote positive visibility of vulnerable and marginalized populations through the process of farming and farm-related activities.

  • establish and expand a collective of individuals and organizations engaged in work that amplifies the hope and promise of social care farming. 

Our Board

Rebecca Sorensen, MSW

Rebecca is the co-founder of Blawesome and the mother of three beautiful children. Rebecca has worked with individuals with disabilities for over 18 years and currently works as a Community Development Consultant; organizing and implementing unique community initiatives to serve adults living with I/DD. The focus of her work is on using natural interactions and processes to promote a meaningful and intentional human experience.

Ben Johnston-Krase

In May of 2016, spurred by a dream he had in 2014, Ben and a colleague moved to Durham, NC to start Farm Church, a community that meets on a farm and leverages all the resources of that farm to address food insecurity.  He blogs about faith, life, farming, and living with cancer at  Ben lives on a small farm north of Durham with his wife, Karla, their three girls, four ducks, and Juno the labradoodle.  

Charlotte Vetter

Charlotte is a wise elder of Abundance NC, an organization that brings people together to exchange ideas and build strong communities that are resilient in the face of challenge.  For the SSCFC Board, she serves as treasurer, and to all who meet her, she is an inspiration of change and hope.  Charlotte is ever curious, an eternal lover, and notetaker of the soul.